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La Gloria

Link Available Upon Request


In the days following her suicide attempt, a queer lovelorn teen finds connection and solace with her Abuela through the secret language of dreams.


Outfest Fusion

Film Independent Project Involve Showcase

Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films

Manchester Film Festival 

Miami Film Festival 

Maryland Film Festival 

Inside Out Film Festival

Starring: Cris Gris, Michelle Badillo, Alma Adams

Directed by M.G. Evangelista
Written by Stephanie Adams-Santos
Produced by Gia Rigoli, Emiliana Ammirata, Adanne Ebo, Apoorva Charan
Cinematography by Lorena Duran
Production Design by Sam Neidenbach

Costumes by Cat Elgarrista
Edited by Sungwhan Moon

Made possibly by Film Independent's Project Involve Program

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