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Plástico is a political satire exploring the narcissism of the authoritarian and the madness of the follower. 

The small Latin American nation of VZ has become militarized since the arrival of the mysteriously charismatic leader known as El Hombre. Wanting to produce political propaganda for an upcoming international conference, El Hombre has sent El Comandante, a terribly vain military commander, four soldiers, and a naive film crew to an abandoned house with the mission of shooting a short film advertising their government.

Starring: Rubén Guevara, Diana Dorempz, Edixon Caridad, Reinaldo Zavarce, Claudia Serven


Written and Directed by Veronica Kompalic
Produced by Emiliana Ammirata, Esteban Zuluaga, Gia Rigoli

Cinematography by Kayla Hoff

1st AC: Kiara Ramirez

Production Designer: Safi Nazzal 

Art Director: Maya Nazzal

Sound Mixer: Jaime Tapia

Production Company: Discordia

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