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This Closeness

In Festival Circuit

Link Available Upon Request


Tensions rise when a couple on the rocks stays at the home of a reclusive host, with the three entering an intimate battle to gain and reclaim territory


SXSW - Narrative Spotlight

Starring: Kit Zauhar, Zane Pais, Ian Edlund, Jessie Pinnick, Kate Williams


Written and Directed by Kit Zauhar
Produced by Ani Schroeter

Executive Produced by Rhianon Jones, Tristan Scott-Behrends, Neon Heart Productions, DISCORDIA

Line Produced by Gia Rigoli

Cinematography by Kayla Hoff

Production Designer: Carol Kim 

Costume Design by Hannah Kittell Matsuo

Intimacy Coordinator: Adrienne Couper Smith

Edited by Brian Kinnes

Sound by OT Birds

Post Production Services by Nice Dissolve

Production Company: Neon Heart Productions, Discordia

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