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Inner Wave

Live Performance Recorded at the Fox Theatre in Pomona, CA

Directed by Pablo Sotelo

Produced by Gia Rigoli

Cinematography by Andrew Truong

Edited by Edward Allerton

Sound Engineer: Jose Cruz & Pablo Sotelo

Lighting Designer: Chris Smith

Laser Director: Anthony Garcia

1st AD: Noelle DeAngelis

Production Assistant: Will Anderson

A CAM OP: Joanna Nguyen

B CAM OP: Cleon Arrey

1st AC: Felipe Larrondo

2nd AC: Darrell Ham

Camera PA: Nancy Nguyen

DIT: Chris Spies

Key Grip: Tim Chapin

Laser Director: Adrian Estrella

Grip: Dane Gerwig

Lighting Tech: Emily Bornt

Laser Tech: Damian Blaise

Production Designer: Safi Nazzal

Art PA: Maya Nazzal

Additional Sound Engineer: Fabian Rubio

Fox Contact: Galo Galvan

Stage Manager: Jason Penmen

Covid Compliance Officer: Jamie Walker

Covid Nurse: Hayley Freudiger

Special Thanks to Rene Contreras

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